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WSB Championship

by WallStreetBets

Live Esports Day Trading Event

  • Real Money
  • 3-days: Oct 28, 29, 30 of 2020
  • 12 contestants
  • Large cash prize
  • Professional commentators and Analysts , Live online streaming

The Fusion of Esports and High-Risk Day Trading


Esports as currently defined, esports are multi player video games played in an organized fashion and is one of the fastest growing segment of the entertainment industries, in both revenue and viewership. Large scale tournaments have taken place in existing sports stadiums or entertainment arenas, drawing live crowds numbering tens of thousands with on line viewers in the millions.

In 2019, the League of Legends championship game surpassed the Super Bowl by drawing in over 100 million viewers. Streaming is an integral part of esports, as it is a spectator sport with enthusiastic audiences being immersed with the players and teams just as they do with conventional sports teams today.

Growth in this market is so strong that dedicated venues are being built all over the world, designed specifically for esports. In 2018, Esports Stadium Arlington opened in Texas to provide a dedicated venue for esports events.


WSB is the largest online community for high-risk and high-return stock market trading. Created in 2012, it has enjoyed exponential growth on an entirely organic basis. It is common for people to share their adrenaline-inducing trading experiences, which often result in high profile wins and losses totaling tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The popularity of WSB is unmatched. Videos posted on YouTube of traders making or losing money routinely get millions of views. Stories shared on the community often get coverage on mainstream media including Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes, Money Magazine, MarketWatch, Vice, Business Insider and more.

Currently there are over 1,000,000 subscribers to WallStreetBets.

Stay Informed

Stay informed of the latest WSB Championship news, including ticket sales, application process for participants and more.

Event Information


  • Wednesday, October 28 2020 – 7am to 3pm CDT
  • Thursday, October 29 2020 – 7am to 3pm CDT
  • Friday, October 30 2020 – 7am to 3pm CDT


Esports Stadium Arlington
1200 Ballpark Way Arlington, TX 76011


What is the WSB Championship?

The WSB Championship is the first ever esports-style trading competition.  It’s a live high-risk competition which will take place live over 3 days during regular market hours.

Will the event be available to view online?

Yes.  The entire event will be streamed live through pay-per-view and available worldwide.


Will the contestants be trading real money?

Yes.  Contestants will be trading with real money.  They will deposit a pre-determined amount into a broker account which will be used to trade at the WSB Championship.


What will the contestants be trading?

The WSB Championship contestants will be trading stock options exclusively.


How will the winner be determined?

After the 3 days, the contestant with the most money left in his or her account will be the winner.  Or whoever is the last one standing.

What will the prize be for the winner?

There will be a large cash prize awarded to the winner of the WSB Championship.  The total will be announced in the coming weeks.

Who can apply to be a contestant?

Anyone and everyone.  Specifics on the application process will be announced shortly.  If you’re interested in becoming a contestant, sign up through the Contact form to receive updates as they’re released.

What about COVID-19?

We are concerned and monitoring the latest developments regarding the current coronavirus outbreak.  We’re equally hopeful that by October of this year, authorities will deem that hosting this event will be safe.  In the event that they do not, we are prepared to host the event without a live audience and stream the entire event live online.

True Trading Group

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